Making JustEat Work For Your Takeaway


For any new takeaway business, the likes of Just East and Scoffable offer an irresistible opportunity for reaching a wide audience and attracting new customers in short space of time.

In 2015, JustEat's massive 13.4 million user base completed nearly 100 million orders worth over £240 million - a market share that’s just too big to ignore.

However, after the slick marketing and integrated ordering systems have got your takeaway restaurant up and running, with regular online orders and a growing loyal customer base returning for their salt & pepper shredded chicken, the 14% commission can begin to make a serious dent in potential profits.

Relying on JustEat as your online revenue source is therefore a risky strategy. By not owning your brand’s online presence, and being unable to develop a relationship with your customers, your takeaway restaurant is at risk of needing to work harder and harder, creating more and more meals, for less profit.

So, what’s the best approach to JustEat?

The sheer size of JustEats’ user base means that it’s too big to ignore, and when leveraged as a marketing channel to compliment (as opposed to being) your online presence, it becomes a powerful tool to attract new customers to your brand.

To do this, it’s vital to own your brand online – this includes your website, social media, Google presence, as well as your online ordering system.

By creating an online presence that operates separately to JustEat, you can then channel your JustEat customers to buy direct from your own website in the future – increasing the value of each purchase by 14%!

Case Study

Hungrrr is a world class website and ordering system for takeaways and restaurants, which has helped businesses save commission on bookings from JustEat, whilst building their own brand without promoting the takeaway portals.


• Takeaway paying JustEat £1500.00 pcm in Commission


• Setup Hungrrr platform on Website, iOS and Android apps

• Provided flyers to go out to every JustEat order


• Migrated 80% of JustEat business "direct" via Hungrrr within 6 months

• 80% reduction in commission fees saving £1200.00 per month

• Costs to Hungrrr £200.00 per month saving £1000.00 per month

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