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As we approach the last weekend of the Festival, we can hear our livers and wallets breathe a collective sigh of relief. Despite the weather’s best efforts to dampen spirits throughout August, we have made the most of everything the city has to offer by way of food, drink, and entertainment.

The culinary scene in Edinburgh, and indeed Scotland, has been growing rapidly with new bars and restaurants opening every month. The Festival is a time when everywhere comes to life; bars and restaurants are busy every night and there is a real buzz in the air. It truly is the best time to live and visit the city.

We have also seen the emergence of Scotland’s street-food scene, championed by events such as Pitt Street Market, showcasing the best and most innovative food vendors - a lot of whom are selling their wares at various pop-up venues scattered across the city.

With such a huge choice of where to eat, we turned to some of Edinburgh’s most respected food bloggers to ask what their particular foodie highlight was and why.


Favourite Festival Feast  Classic Chicken Burger

Who Makes It?  The Buffalo Truck

Where Can You Find Them?  George Square, outside Udderbelly

Why Is It Your Favourite?  The chicken is perfectly cooked and crunchy and the pickles add a great tartness. And it's also just the right amount of unhealthiness to cure your head after partying into the wee hours during the Fringe!

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Favourite Festival Feast  Classic Wagyu Burger

Who Makes It?  Burger & Fringe

Where Can You Find Them?  A pop-up at Radisson Blu on the Royal Mile

Why Is It Your Favourite?  They promise amazing wagyu burgers and with a city chock full of good burgers it would be so easy to get lost, but they totally deliver on the promise and I think they are worth visiting for. It's also a good example of a pop up, they've been really creative both in their use of space (using the coffee area) and also the theming (vinyl records as placemats!). Plus, being on the Royal Mile, it's at the heart of the Fringe fun for tourists. Also - they could have charged so much more, but starting at £9.50, it's good value too. I like a deal!

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Favourite Festival Feast  Halloumi Fries

Who Makes It?  Chick + Pea

Where Can You Find Them?  Assembly Festival George Square Gardens

Why Is It Your Favourite?  A halloumi lovers dream come true - one of my favourite foods in fry form, what’s not to like?

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Favourite Festival Feast  Veggie Gyoza

Who Makes It?  Harajuku Kitchen

Where Can You Find Them?  Food truck at the outdoor Assembly area on George Street

Why Is It Your Favourite?  The guys at Harajuku Kitchen do some of the best gyozas in Edinburgh, I could eat them every day! They're cheap (6 for £5), fresh, super tasty and perfect for sharing. You can choose from pork or veggie - I always go veggie - and top with soy or chilli sauce. They also come with a big handful of fresh coriander on top.

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Favourite Festival Feast  Malaysian Beef Rendang Curry & Jerk Chicken

Who Makes It?  Umami Spice Girl & Boy

Where Can You Find Them?  Both can be found at the entrances to Assembly George Square Gardens. Spice Girl is normally found in the silver caravan at the entrance to Assembly George Square Gardens, whilst Spice Boy will be found manning his Spice Boy container, built by him and Michelle, at the other Assembly entrance at George Square.

Why Is It Your Favourite?  Not only will you get a warm welcome but their food has authentic flavours, influenced by their travels after last year’s Fringe. Spice Girl has returned with some firm favourites from last year including her Taste Star winning Malaysian Beef Rendang curry and Chicken Thai Satay Kebabs. Having travelled to Mexico after last year’s festival, the quesadillas have an even more authentic flavour.  
Spice Boy has taken influence from time spent in Jamaica, again with Michelle after last year’s Fringe, learning to ‘Jerk’ with Chicken and Beef on the menu, enhanced with Junior’s secret sauce! They also source the meat they use really well from George Bowers, the Butcher, in Stockbridge.

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Favourite Festival Feast  Fish Finger Sarnie

Who Makes It?  Shrimpwreck

Where Can You Find Them?  Udderbelly, George Square

Why Is It Your Favourite?  It was nearly a tie between Shrimpwreck’s award-winning fish finger sarnie and Umami Spice Boy’s cubano sandwich (we are big fans of the film ‘Chef’ so we were delighted to finally try one)! We think Shrimpwreck just edged it. The brioche bun-fried fish-tartare sauce combo is incredible. Well worth a visit to George Square Gardens for this alone.

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