Long Live Twitter

Twitter is dead.

This is a view that seems to be shared by many people. But is there any truth in it? According to Statista.com, there were 328 million active users at the last count and this number is still on the rise. So why do people have the impression that Twitter is on the decline?

Number of monthly active Twitter users worldwide from 1st quarter 2010 to 2nd quarter 2017 (in millions) -  Statista.com  

Number of monthly active Twitter users worldwide from 1st quarter 2010 to 2nd quarter 2017 (in millions) - Statista.com 

If you are the owner of a small restaurant or bar, it can be challenging to find the time to promote your business effectively using social media. Often a decision is taken to focus on one, maybe two platforms. Unfortunately for Twitter, this can be neglected in favour of Facebook and Instagram.


The micro-blogging platform, founded in 2006, is a great way for businesses to keep their followers updated in real-time. The reality is that when following a few hundred accounts that are all tweeting simultaneously, there is a lot of white noise. So how do you ensure your message gets heard?

Adopting a unique tone-of-voice in addition to posting interesting and engaging content is the key. Now this is easier said than done but to illustrate our point, we found five food and drink-related Twitter accounts who we believe to be using Twitter well.

Pilot Beer

Leith-based craft brewery

Electric Spirit Co.

Edinburgh-based small-batch gin distillery

Great British Bake Off

No introduction necessary

Bon Vivant’s Companion

Independent beer, spirit and wine specialist in Edinburgh

Chop House

Edinburgh-based steak restaurants

Of course, we can’t have an article about the best people to follow on Twitter without giving a honourable mention to Limmy!

Do you think that Twitter is on the decline?

We think that it is very much alive and well, although it suffers from a great deal of white noise - as does every other social media platform. The key is making your business stand out by offering something unique and different. If you have any other suggestions on who you think should be included in this list, we would love to hear them!

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