5 Things We Couldn’t Live Without In Our Office


When we first moved into our new space, it was a blank canvas. One trip to IKEA and a few Amazon orders later, suddenly the office is full. When space is at a premium you need to think harder about what you fill it with. So, this got us thinking - "what are five things we absolutely, definitely, 100%, could not live without in our office."

Our Top 5 Office Essentials

USB Desk Fans

Digital marketing can be sweaty work. On the odd occasion the mercury rises above the 20° mark in Edinburgh, our West End loft space can get quite toasty.


Google Chromecast

This little device allows us to cast our computer screens onto the 50” TV we have mounted on the wall. Perfect for reviewing a new website we have built, running through a presentation with a client or watching “The Best Scenes from Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels” on Youtube.



Chilled libations are an essential. Our lovely red fridge keeps our soft drinks and beer cans cool – it’s thirsty work after all!



Whether we are developing a new website for a client or rolling out new Facebook advertising campaigns to promote a restaurant competition, our “Flava in Ya Ear” Spotify playlist is the perfect soundtrack to this.



In a smaller space, beanbags are a great way of providing additional seating and offer a separate area to work or relax. As you would expect, we opted for red.


Hate the thought of sitting on a beanbag, face gently cooled by a fan, listening to some avant-garde house music while sipping an ice-cold can of Coca-Cola? Let us know! We want to hear what would make your list of 5 office essentials. Hit us up on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram or alternatively, drop us an email now.

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