A Tipsy Case Study

The Tipsy Cow is a newly-opened bar and restaurant located just outside Glasgow, serving brunch, lunch and dinner in a sophisticated and refined setting.


When the owners approached Big Flavour, the venue had no online presence and the concept they were launching was unique to the area. They also had the legacy of the previous business who occupied the same address to contend with.

In addition to building a website, setting up social media accounts and removing the legacy of the previous business, we ran a competition to drive awareness for the venue's opening. This had nearly 1,000 entries and boosted its social media following and grew their email database.

The website now ranks above their long-established competitors organically, meaning if someone searches for a restaurant or bar in the area, The Tipsy Cow will show up on the first page of Google. This is thanks to the optimisation that was put in place when the website was launched.

An online booking widget was seamlessly integrated with the website to allow people to quickly and easily book a table for brunch, lunch or dinner without the need in calling or emailing the venue. This saved the staff valuable time and allowed them to focus on maintaining a high level of service for those dining at The Tipsy Cow. 

The Tipsy Cow has quickly become the go-to place for food and drinks in the area and the new venture has so far been a success for the BozzCo Inns group. Their website is now generating over 4,000 monthly visits, despite only launching 3 months ago, and they have over 3,400 likes on Facebook at the last count!

Here is a breakdown of digital performance by numbers for The Tipsy Cow:

🐮 11,297 website visits

🐮 934 competition entries

🐮 4,647 social media followers

🐮 938 people in email database

🐮 4,203 website conversions

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