Big Flavour Is On The Move...

For those that are following us on social media, you may already know that the Chilli is looking for a new home. This is a significant point in our startup journey and we wanted to mark this milestone with a wee blog post, documenting our search for an office so far.

So, why is this so significant? Having only left our previous jobs 8 months ago with just a handful of clients and barely enough income to pay ourselves a salary, we knew that an office was an expense we simply couldn’t afford.

With laptops, tablets, smartphones and even smart-watches, working remotely has never been easier. This is especially true for a business like ours, where the vast majority of what we do is online. The internet has allowed businesses to build empires, all without four walls, a roof, and the company’s name on a door. So, you might be wondering why we are bothering with an office. To tell you the truth, it is something which we have debated at length over the last three months.

As anyone who runs their own business or works in a job that allows “working from home” will testify to, a great part of working remotely can involve days of isolation, hunting for the perfect table next to a charging point in your coffee shop of choice, and often longer working hours as the line between work and home blurs. It is an important period in the life of any startup business and one which almost everyone will go through.

We were fortunate enough to be given free co-working space via the RBS Accelerator programme in their global HQ at Gogarburn. This has been a useful place for us to come together, work and even meet clients. However, this isn’t our own space and we cannot put our name on the door. With that in mind, we are faced with three options - co-working space, a serviced office or a commercial space.

Co-working space is a fantastically social and collaborative environment to work in and often, the pre-existing network within the space can lead to more business and puts you next to like-minded people who can offer you advice and their services. With access to co-working space via RBS and having worked in places like The Office Group and Regus, we knew this wasn’t what was needed at this time.

We moved on to serviced offices. These are flexible and often come pre-fitted with an internet connection, telephone lines and even chairs and desks. However, you pay a premium for this and the space is often small in comparison to a dedicated commercial space - our final, and preferred, option.

Commercial space offers the best value for money and fortunately, there are plenty of city-centre offices up for lease in Edinburgh. The only drawback is a longer-term commitment, usually 5 years, is required to secure any space. Finding the right one is therefore extremely important.

At the time of writing (on a Virgin East Coast train to London) we think we may have found the one. To say we are excited is an understatement. Provided there are no issues with the inevitable legal stuff, we may soon be the proud occupiers of an amazing city-centre office space.

Stay tuned for updates....

Big Flavour