How to Improve Your Food Photography


Specialist food photographer, Gill Murray, gave us her advice on how to get the best photos of your food.

Making food look appetising through the lens can often be easier said than done. However there are many tricks you can use to get a great food photograph. Here are a few of my key points below to take your food photos to the next level.

Use Natural Light

Using natural light when photographing food makes a huge difference to your end result. Position you food on a surface next to a window to cast lovely light over your dish. If the light coming through the window is too strong and creating harsh shadows, then use a diffuser or a white cloth up against the window to soften the shadows.  

Use Backdrops

Experiment with different backdrops to give your photos a professional background look.  You can paint your own vintage boards or use different textured chopping boards. 

Think About Your Angles

Choosing the right angle, depending on the dish you are shooting, is so important.  The 3 main angles I think about are straight on, 45 degrees and overhead.  A straight on angle is great when shooting burgers or sandwiches for example where most of the detail is at eye level. There is a bit of variation up and down on the 45 degree angle but as a rule this level will allow you to see whats in the dish as well as give perspective on the depth of say a bowl or plate. Overhead is popular on Instagram at the moment and perfect for capturing a table scene or food like pizzas where most of the detail is on top.

Set Your Scene First

It's important to get your set up staged first as this can often take a little time.  Do some test shots to make sure you're happy with the exposure and frame first then get the food plated up and ready to photograph.  All too often if the food comes out before you are ready, some dishes can start to deteriorate. For example a juicy steak will soon start to dry out if left too long and deserts with ice cream will quickly melt if left especially in a warm room!  Planning is key.

Keen to improve your food photography but don't have the time or camera? Get in touch with Big Flavour today to find out how we can help. Happy snapping!

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