It's time to get the experts in!


This is the conclusion we had arrived at as we struggled to assemble the array of flat pack furniture we had that day acquired from the Swedish purveyor of bookcases and horsemeat.


The window in the office was jammed open as far as it would go, but this did little to stem the tide of sweat which had begun to form above our brows. True to form, we had tossed the instruction manuals for each piece of furniture onto the growing pile of cardboard in the corner of the room and were, somewhat blindly, putting everything together – albeit at a snail’s pace. With the completion of each piece came a wave of triumph, quickly dashed by the realisation that we still had 10 more things to build. 


We had naively assumed that we would have everything purchased, packed up, delivered to the office, carried up the stairs and assembled by the middle of Monday afternoon. Yet here we were at 5pm on the Friday and we still weren’t done. This wasn’t what we had envisaged when we signed the lease on our first proper bricks-and-mortar office two weeks earlier.

The realisation dawned on us - we had failed to follow our own advice. In the hospitality industry we often see marketing shoehorned into an existing role, usually sales. Without experts doing the job, time is wasted and results are poor. We stress the importance of employing experts to do marketing to all potential clients, whether they are looking to hire someone in-house or engage an agency. We should have left the assembly to the experts. This would have allowed us to focus 100% of our time on doing what we do best - marketing. There's nothing like the taste of your own medicine.

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