We Bought a Drone!

Seriously. This might just about be the coolest thing that any of us have ever bought. Do we have any clue how to fly it? Hell no. Will that stop us from chucking it 400ft in the air? Nae danger!

Already proud owners of a GoPro Hero 6 Black camera, we decided to invest in the brand’s Karma drone, for the sake of ease and compatibility. But this wasn’t just to give us an expensive toy to play with. More and more, our clients wish to invest in aerial footage of their property to capture their beautiful surroundings or the various facilities they offer their guests. This imagery can then be used on their website or across their social media. Before, we were outsourcing any drone work but this incurred a cost and we had little creative control over the shoot. We can now capture stunning footage and photos of our clients from the air and continually refresh this based on changes at the property or the seasons. Pretty cool, huh?

Drone-aficionados reading this might be moaning in disbelief thinking “but there are better drones on the market” - don’t worry, we did our homework. The Hero 6 camera can shoot in obscenely-clear 4K and the drone comes with a hand-held gimbal, helping keep the camera still while shooting on the ground. This particular bit of kit is what helped sell us on the Karma. Not only can we get professional-standard videography from the air, but we can also capture high-quality video of the interior of any of our clients’ properties. Plus, all the kit came in a swanky, black rucksack.


One of the major issues we face, being based in Edinburgh, is we are at the epicentre of a no-fly zone for unmanned aerial vehicles like drones. You may recall there was a case a while back which hit the papers where a man was arrested for flying a drone over Edinburgh Castle. Given the obvious danger that drones pose to the privacy and wellbeing of the general public, there are strict laws for flying a drone. Those wishing to fly commercially need to obtain permission from the Civil Aviation Authority in order to do so.

With this in mind, we booked ourselves into Drone Flight School (yes, it’s actually a thing) to train and get what’s known as a PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) which indicates that we have some idea of what we are doing and we have the necessary qualifications to fly a drone. We will be documenting this journey and the training which we will be going through so keep an eye on our blog for updates and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first know when we have passed *praying hands emoji*. If you are interested in finding out more about how drone videography and photography can benefit your business, drop us a message today.

In the meantime, we will do our best not to crash and you can check out a short video of our test flight below.

Big Flavour