Display advertising.

Feature a big, bold, branded banner promoting your hotel or restaurant on other websites your customers are browsing.

What is display advertising?

Google’s display network reaches over 90% of the world’s internet population. Use this to reach potential customers and guests with big, bold, branded banner adverts promoting your latest offer or encourage them to visit your website to book. You can even target people have already been to your website but haven’t yet booked.

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What are the benefits of display advertising?


More visibility for your brand.

Make sure people who are looking to book a trip or are researching where to eat see your big, beautiful brand wherever they go online.

Capture customers higher up the funnel.

Running display advertising allows you to connect with potential customers as they begin their journey to book. Make sure your brand is there every step of the way.

More Website Traffic.

Although the click-through-rate tends to be lower than search advertising, display adverts can still drive relevant traffic to your website.

Target previous website visitors.

Display advertising can be used to reach people who have visited your website but not yet booked. This is a great way of driving additional direct bookings.

Increased trust.

Banners can feature on trusted websites like Tripadvisor which, in turn, ensures potential customers have a positive association with your brand.

Connect with new customers.

Targeting within the Google Display Network allows you to reach those who are browsing the web looking for a hotel to stay at or a restaurant to eat at.



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