increase direct bookings by Ensuring your own rates appear across key booking channels like Google and Tripadvisor.

What is metasearch?

Metasearch advertising lets hotels feature their direct room rates alongside those from various OTAs all in one place. The most popular metasearch platforms include Google Hotel Ads, Tripadvisor, Kayak, and Trivago. A potential guest uses these sites to compare rates, rooms and availability meaning you have the chance to drive incremental revenue and increase direct bookings.

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What are the benefits of metasearch?


More visibility for your brand.

Metasearch advertising allows your brand to appear alongside OTAs on popular booking websites like Kayak and Trivago.

rank above online travel agents

Metasearch advertising allows your brand to appear above online travel agents who are competing for your bookings.

More Website Traffic.

Every time a potential guests clicks on your direct rates, they will be taken to your booking engine. For those who don’t book, you can then advertise to them after they leave.

generate a return on investment.

Display rates across top metasearch websites to help drive direct bookings and save on OTA commission.

Increased trust.

People trust Google to give them the right information. If your direct rates appear, the more likely potential guests are to trust your brand.

Connect with new customers.

Metasearch offers another platform for your hotel to connect with people who are looking at places to stay in your area.



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