Reporting & Analytics.

Tracking your website’s performance is integral to measuring the yield on campaigns and creating an effective marketing strategy.

What does Reporting & Analytics mean?

Sherlock holmes once said “it’s a capital mistake to theorise before one has the data”. Even with limitless powers of deduction you cannot make informed decisions about your digital marketing unless you are able to track website traffic, conversions and revenue. Ensuring your website is set up with Google Analytics will give you this data and allow you to effectively measure how the various digital channels are performing for your brand.

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What are the benefits of Tracking website performance?


BENCHMARK & Establish kpis.

Before you can set goals for any digital marketing activity, you must first understand where you are starting from. Website tracking lets you benchmark your current position.

Understand what content works.

Seeing what content is popular on your website helps inform your ongoing content strategy and guides what themes and topics work the best when it comes to engagement.


With adequate tracking set up on your website, you can effectively monitor the aggregated impact of all digital marketing activity on key metrics.

Measure return on investment.

How do you know what your return on investment is? Tracking lets you attribute revenue to your spend meaning you can measure your return on investment.

REgular reporting.

The data yielded by Google Analytics will allow your team to start reporting on website performance month-to-month allowing for a more proactive approach to your marketing.

Understand where bookings come from.

With end-to-end e-commerce tracking properly set up, you and your team will be able to accurately attribute bookings to marketing channels as well as guest locations and devices.



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Abbotsford House.

Big Flavour set up Google Analytics goal tracking to ensure that one of the Scottish Borders’ most-visited tourist attractions was able to monitor and measure the performance of their website as well as the various online and offline marketing campaigns which were being run.

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Our team can advise on the steps needed to ensure your hotel or restaurant can take advantage of this.


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