Burning Questions with Amy Liston from Xpressjobs

With the launch of specialist hospitality job board, Xpressjobs, we sat down with Amy Liston - digital communications executive responsible for managing the business’ online presence with the support of Big Flavour. We chatted to Amy about why she chose a career in digital marketing, why Xpressjobs is such a fantastic platform for those looking for jobs in hospitality and why her apprenticeship has been a brilliant way of gaining invaluable experience.

BF: How would you describe yourself and why did you choose a career in digital marketing?

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a really creative person with a love for problem solving (and spreadsheets, I have administration in high school to thank for that one!), and I think my family would agree that I have always been quite the independent person from a young age, always chattering on about new ideas and what I wanted to do in life.

In my previous jobs, no matter the role, I always found myself offering to write content and work on the social media pages, which led me to finding out that I could get a diploma through an apprenticeship to do all the things I have loved and learned.  Little did I know, the technical term for that was Digital Marketing and one day I would be learning to become an executive in that role exactly!

Throughout the second half of my apprenticeship, I was taken on to help Xpressjobs with the process of bringing a fresh spin to job boards in the hospitality sector and to grow my skills alongside the growth of the business.

BF: What exactly is Xpressjobs?

XpressJobs is a hospitality job board with thousands of live jobs, and the home of some of the latest hospitality news, along with advice on careers, support for workers and blogs.  It is a one stop shop to post jobs, apply for jobs and learn about the industry itself.

BF: Why do you enjoy working in hospitality?

Though I have officially gained my qualification, working within hospitality and digital marketing has made me discover that there is always something new to learn each day; at the beginning of my career here, I didn’t know things that are now common knowledge to me, such as the many roles a chef can play and how many successful careers you can find in this brilliant industry, while currently getting to learn new marketing strategies and work closely with people that will help me refine my skills.

BF: What does the future hold for you and Xpressjobs?

Working in digital marketing has made me realise I had more potential than I originally thought, and has led me to confidently writing articles on LinkedIn for thousands to see, and even learning some code! I think I’m really lucky to be in a mix of hospitality and digital goodness, and can’t wait to see how far we can go as this is only the beginning.

Find out more about Xpressjobs and register as a candidate today to get access to thousands of jobs across hospitality, leisure and retail.


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