The 5 Best Places to Eat & Drink in Edinburgh's West End

With an office just a stone’s throw from Haymarket Station, we are lucky enough to have a shed-load of great places to eat and drink right on our doorstep. Having done our best to sample as many of these as possible, we have put together a list of our favourites.

Best Vegan

Milk Café, Morrison Street

With outlets across Edinburgh, including one at Jupiter Artland and another in Inverleith Park, Milk on Morrison Street is one of the best places around to grab a tasty vegan alternative to the all-too-familiar meal deal. Their tofu flatbread wraps are delicious and they always have a handful of plant-based treats strewn across the counter to tempt you.

Best Coffee

Café Noir, Palmerston Place

The winner of this category would have been Red Box Coffee - the unassuming telephone box-cum-coffee shop located in Haymarket Station. The coffee was truly excellent and always meant a slight detour through the station each morning to pick up your caffeine fix. Unfortunately, the decision was made to replace Red Box with another operator. The coffee just isn’t the same. Given their demise, we have to give the gold to Café Noir - a bank-turned-coffeehouse on Palmerston Place.

Best Sandwiches

Hanks, Fountainbridge

If you haven’t heard of Hanks then you truly have not lived. Hanks has been slinging the best and most innovative range of sandwiches in Edinburgh, let alone the West End, out of their shop in Fountainbridge for the last 7 years. Make sure you get yourself a side of their legendary broccoli salad, which we are reliably informed has sold out on many occasions, causing upset amongst its loyal clientele.

Best Pint

Teuchters, William Street

Edinburgh’s west end is crammed with fantastic places to drink. However, Teuchters stands head and shoulders above the rest. A true Edinburgh establishment, they pour a good range of beers and ales and it’s always got a great buzz about it after work. Their “hoop of destiny” is worth a punt as you can find yourself sipping an expensive dram for the measly cost of just £3. 

Best Newcomer

Bross Bagels, Queensferry Street

As has been the case across the whole of Edinburgh, new bars and restaurants have been popping up at an unprecedented rate. Bross Bagels, originating from Portobello high street has opened their latest outlet on Queensferry Street, serving some of the most delicious bagels we have ever eaten. Our personal favourite is the “Porkin’ Chick” but special mention has to go to their haggis-laden tribute to the bard, the “Rabbi Burns”.

Agree with our verdict? Let us know in the comments or fire us a tweet with your favourite places. 


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