Top Training Tips for a Half Marathon

After a bit blood, sweat and minimal tears, the team here at Big Flavour recently completed our annual half marathon. This made it our second year running we have a finished a race like this. This year, we were fundraising for Children of the Mountain - a charity founded by one of our clients supporting impoverished children in Nepal.

Whilst we had gone the distance before, it was vital to work together and keep each other motivated. Running a half marathon is by no means a walk in the park, so we thought it would be useful to share our top tips if you are thinking of running one as a team.

Establish a starting point

Not everyone in your team will be at the same stage when it comes to fitness and stamina. You need to agree on a timeframe which suits everyone who will be running. Take into consideration everyone has out-of-work commitments and build a training schedule around that. Running over your lunch hour is often a great use of time and gets you away from your desk.

Monitor your team's progression

Introduce an app like Strava to track everyone's fitness progression. This allows you to share your workouts with your team and lets you see the improvements being made with each run you do. This is a great way to stay motivated and keep on track with your training. You can even create a Strava Club for your organisation.

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Eat together

By munching lunch together, you can keep an eye on those snacking strays, communicating a healthy diet within your group is crucial to a successful result. Share recipe ideas, agree on a healthy fueling station for office lunches and empty out the biscuit tin to avoid any accidental binges.

Choose a charity

A charity close to your team's heart is extra motivation to finish the race and complete your goal. Plus, the higher the number of people participating, the higher your contribution to a great cause will be. We were delighted to raise over ยฃ750 for Children of the Mountain this year.


Enjoy the race and be sure to get a team photo!

After all your training and build-up to the race, it is so important that everyone enjoys it. Visualising crossing the finish line and the feeling you will get when clocking a time you are happy with will help keep those legs pumping. Once you are done, the team will be on a high - it's time to celebrate. Enjoy a hearty meal (we opted for Pizzeria 1926) and a nice cold pint. Capture the moment with a photo as a team and, no matter how hot and sweaty you are!

Scottish Half Marathon 2018

Scottish Half Marathon 2018

Scottish Half Marathon 2019

Scottish Half Marathon 2019


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