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With three decades of combined experience in digital marketing and business development - the Big Flavour team are the perfect ingredient for growing your brand online.


Craig Burns

For anyone that has met Craig, you will know that his drive and determination to succeed in business is only surpassed by his passion for Scottish football (and his insistence that he might have made it pro himself if it wasn’t for a bad knee injury).

Craig first heard about the wonders of SEO while managing his own company - Housespotters - and he began to teach himself how the internet could be leveraged to promote the business. Since then, digital marketing has evolved somewhat, however, the principles of marketing a business online remain the same. This is where Craig excels and adds value to any client he works with.

Partial to a double rum and coke, a cigar, and a Ralph Lauren Polo shirt, our Head of Advertising brings significant experience and enthusiasm to any project he is involved with. Although, if you ever find yourself in a conversation with Craig and Stephen, the only thing you can be sure of is that you won’t get a word in edgeways!

Chris Terry

A lifelong fan of the Rams and a furniture upholstery enthusiast, don’t let his boyish good looks and outstanding facial hair fool you, the man from Derby is a digital marketing veteran.

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Chris has forged himself a reputation as the go-to man when it comes to content - an expert in building and implementing content marketing strategies for a diverse range of clients across a number of different industries.

When he is not busying himself with his work, Chris enjoys impersonating Tom Hardy’s portrayal of the Kray Twins in Legend and an all-too-regular Sloppy Joe at Thrive vegan restaurant in Edinburgh.

Chris has a fantastic understanding of what it takes to get ahead in the digital sphere and his knowledge and expertise will help your brand succeed online.

Scott Mullins

If you've ever caught yourself pondering what you'd get if you crossed Leonardo DiCaprio with a cockney rhyming gent from Edinburgh, then our very own Scott Mullins might finally put that thought to rest.

Having graduated from The University of Edinburgh in 2014 with all of the honours in French & Business Studies, Scott quickly became at home in the digital marketing scene. Combining a natural gift for communicating ideas clearly, and in a way that brings them to life, along with expert insights into the mechanics of what makes up a successful business, Scott is the ideal man to help guide and support you as your restaurant grows and thrives.

When not fielding calls from celebrity look-a-like agencies, Scott can be found sampling Edinburgh's myriad of gastro treats. Having now eaten at most of the city's dining spots, Scott has become our in-house human search engine for advice for restaurants and bars.

Stephen Brown

When he's not pretending to be an Airdrie United fan, Stephen can be found talking about pretty much anything. He even appears to be talking when you're talking, all those years of ventriloquist training not going to waste!

Something that Stephen does talk about a lot that's always worth listening to, are his ideas about how to enhance business strategies. In fact the key skill that Stephen brings to the group is his knowledge and vast experience at making businesses work. He has been at the sharp end of the luxury building trade for the past 10 years, working with clients to understand their needs and ensuring projects are delivered on time and to the highest standards. He has an eye for spotting an opportunity which makes him the ideal person to speak to when looking at ways to expand your company and grow your market share.

An all round good guy and the most competitive five-a-side player on the planet.

What's our story?

Having met while working at an Edinburgh-based luxury travel marketing agency, Craig, Chris and Scott first began discussing venturing out on their own over a pint or two at the local pub in early 2016.

What they shared was a passion for food and drink, experience of working with some of the world’s most well-known hotel brands and a belief that digital marketing could be done better.

As they began to distil down their vision for the business, Stephen Brown came on board towards the end of 2016, bringing with him nearly two decades of experience in running his own company. It was then that Big Flavour was born.

Initially providing marketing consultancy for small, independent venues across Edinburgh and West Lothian, Big Flavour’s client-base has since grown significantly. Our clients include breweries, a gin distillery, a music festival, hotels, restaurants, bars and a food purchasing company.


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