Flava In Ya Ear: August 2019

Studies and research have determined that music can stimulate productivity and help with concentration and focus. At Big Flavour, we are big believers in the power of music, despite the team having very distinct tastes in tunes.

With a Sonos Play:1 in our office and over 30 million songs available for listening via Spotify, it is rare to have a moment where our work is not being soundtracked by a playlist or album of someone’s choosing.

Flava In Ya Ear

As part of a new monthly series called Flava In Ya Ear, we want to give you an insight into what we are listening to, with a hand-picked selection of tunes which have been on repeat at Big Flavour HQ.

The first instalment features 20 tracks (plus the playlist’s eponymous Craig Mack cut) selected by the team and these can be listened to below. You can follow our “Flava In Ya Ear” playlist on Spotify which will be updated every month with our favourite jams.


Happy listening! 🎧📻🎶